Two-thousand odd years ago, Livy has taken on the task to write about the history of Rome since the founding of the city, the book’s namesake, to his own times; the writer intends not to compare himself to the great historian, but follow in Livy’s footstep to write about Hong Kong since the founding of the city, the blog’s namesake, to his own times. Like Livy a Roman himself writing about Rome’s history, the writer is born in Hong Kong and writing about Hong Kong’s history. The content might not appear intensively researched, or academically reviewed, it is all in all not filtered; it is the narrative from a contemporary.

The writer targets this series of writings to the audience of the international community, certainly too of Hong Kong people who has an interest in the many area this series is going to cover; thus, the writings are going to be mainly in English and the contents as simple as possible. The series will cover a lot of Hong Kong social issues, borrowing historical perspectives from Hong Kong’s even the world’s history to add depth to the narrative.


Given Hong Kong’s close relation with and geographical proximity to mainland China, any writing about Hong Kong would inevitably involve frequent mentioning of China. The writer is very critical of Chinese politics, and at times might appear to disfavour China as a country; that is, however, not the writer’s position towards China. While the writer gives greater loyalty to Hong Kong, and certainly disapprove the tyranny of the communist party in reign, it is for the betterment of China he intends prompts him to remain highly critical to Chinese politics.

Kelvin Kung
About Kelvin Kung
Kelvin graduated at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for an Economics degree; he went to the University of Manchester to do an exchange programme and study history. He was the chief editor of the school magazine in his secondary school in Tsuen Wan; interested in economics, politics, history, and world culture, he went on to start some blogs where he would write about travelling, anecdote, commentaries, and fact pieces. This is his personal blog: And this is his recent work on general writing about Hong Kong: