ManPASS│The Scarlet Incident


以下是曼徹斯特大學Manchester Public Affairs and Social Service Society主辦的《The Scarlet Incident》資訊。是次活動,將以角色扮演來演繹社會問題,題目創新,挑戰十足,如有興趣,請於 google docs 報名。


Dear all,

On behalf of Manchester Public Affairs and Social Service Society (ManPASS), you are cordially invited to participate in our first annual flagship event: “The Scarlet Incident” (鄉城事變).

“The Scarlet Incident” is the first flagship project of ManPASS, which aims to raise awareness of contemporary issues in China on different aspects of society. This flagship event is conducted in the form of a detective game on the background of contemporary China involving a number of characters with interlinked relationships. Based on a given ‘ending’, participants will be performing different tasks to acquire various clues, which may assist their team to reach their own conclusions in deducting a logical story to the ending. Ultimately, participants will analyse clues obtained and come up with a creative and logical presentation of their perceived storyline. At the end of the event, the story will be revealed to the audience and a debriefing and discussion on the issues raised through the stories will be had.

We hope that through this event the platform for the discussion of contemporary issues in Chinese society will be more open and to raise general awareness of significant issues within Chinese society to our participants. The event also aims to unite members of universities across the UK, and we hope that everyone will share an enjoyable evening together.

Event Details:
Date: 22/3/2014
Time: 10:30 – 18:30
Venue: University of Manchester

Please fill in the google document to sign up for the event before 17th March, 2014.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact any committee members or email

Cherry Ling (President)
07428494375 | +852 64081516 (whatsapp)
Chris Chan (Vice President (Public Affairs))
Emily-Harriet Leung (Vice President (Social Services))
07511272724 | +852 64822736 (whatsapp)
Tania Lau (General Secretary)
07824754747 | +852 94612064 (whatsapp)
Candice Tong (Treasurer)
07598464696 | +852 90363486 (whatsapp)
Don Ip | (Events Director)
07449970839 | +852 96122032 (whatsapp)
Jane Ling (Publicity Officer)

We look forward to spending an exciting and joyful afternoon with you all.

Best Regards
Executive Committee 2013-14
Manchester Public Affairs and Social Services (ManPASS)